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eSports Growth Rate And Predictions

The world of technology is changing. People want more immersive experiences that are interactive and more captivating than outdated versions of existing products.

Canadians should keep in mind that the online casino industry is the third biggest Internet business in the world and as such, with online casino platforms recording phenomenal growth, the industry shows no signs of stagnating. Read more

Making eSports Bets Online

With the rapid growth and increase in popularity of eSports, New Zealand bet makers are more likely than ever to place bets on professional video game playing. eSports has seen more growth in the last few years than any other sport, which seems to suggest that the future of the sports industry is set to change in some very interesting ways.

The younger generation is less interested in classic sports, and more interested in eSport, it’s as simple as that, and if the trend continues the future will be one where Dota 2 might just occupy prime time television slots. Read more