Casino Review: 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland

Casino Review: 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland

April 25, 2019 Off By Steve

The 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland is able to offer a gaming experience characteristic of the one which Irish casinos as a whole are able to offer. Its focus is on table games, as is the case with the large majority of the country’s places to play, and players who enjoy these will be hard put to find somewhere as good at presenting these services as this casino is.

The 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland opened in 1991, on Aungier Street, and has been catering to a loyal group of players ever since, with both Irish gamblers and their foreign-born compatriots visiting it as frequently as possible.

The venue’s focus is on luxury; opulence and extravagance, and for this reason there is a dress-code requirement in place that players have to attend to. In common with many other casinos, there is no alcohol served on its premises, but the drinks that are provided are extended completely free to players enjoying one of the tables it offers.

The Casino Experience

The 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland has table games as the order of the day, and those who have had the pleasure of visiting these premises often describe it as one of this city’s best-kept secrets. Players looking for a welcoming atmosphere; good variety of top quality table games; and surroundings which allow them to relax and enjoy themselves wholeheartedly can call off the search, since this venue will more than meet their requirements.

Players are also able to enjoy playing live games online by means of their laptops from wherever they may be –login codes and first-play bonuses are available at the 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland, and play can commence as soon as the log-in process has been completed.

No credit cards are required, since players are able to cash in and cash out at the club itself, and the feed they will be enjoying is live, direct from the club itself.

Casino Highlights

The 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland is a small venue, but, because this is due to the fact that it is also a very exclusive one, this fact does not impact on the players’ experience negatively.

There is always a good deal of excellent gambling action to be had for players at the venue, and top casino game picks like roulette and blackjack online are provided for, along with more exotic entertainments like Punto Banco.

Multiple tables are available for each of the games this casino has available, and each of these is provided with separate minimum and maximum bet amounts.

The 78 Club Casino in Dublin, Ireland also caters to high rollers and players that seek a more private gambling experience: there is the option available to book out private tables before play. This allows for games that have just one player against the casino dealer, or that player and a specially selected group of others doing so.