eSports Growth Rate And Predictions

May 30, 2017 Off By Steve

The world of technology is changing. People want more immersive experiences that are interactive and more captivating than outdated versions of existing products.

Canadians should keep in mind that the online casino industry is the third biggest Internet business in the world and as such, with online casino platforms recording phenomenal growth, the industry shows no signs of stagnating.

It is true that many countries have seen a decline in online gaming, however the industry itself invites new markets and is slowly starting to capture a greater market share and target audience, which has never been recorded before.

There is however a looming question on this demographics lips, the question of a new online gaming era, eSports, and whether or not eSports could be the next wave of online entertainment equivalent to, or even greater than online casinos.

Online Casinos

No matter which way you look at it, online casinos still hold relevance in the virtual playgrounds of today. An online casino is a virtual representation of a land-based, brick and mortar casino establishment, completely hosted online.

Providing players from Canada and around the world with a platform to lay wagers on firm favourites casino games such as slots, table games and even poker lounges.

The World Of eSports

eSports is competitive gaming at professional level that affords players with the opportunity to lay wagers on teams, which participate in the competition.

Starting out as interconnected network play and widely considered the birth of eSports, LAN based computer play started the online gaming revolution that is today online play. Modern advances in technology and Internet connectivity, now with fibre optic speeds, have encouraged a new breeding ground for virtual gaming competitions.


Top ranking casinos have accepted the new age challenge flung upon their doorstep by millennials. This new age demographic demand online entertainment that is more interactive and engaging. Since millennials harness modern buying power online casinos have had no choice but to adapt and integrate new age technologies to stay current and entertaining.

eSports allows for an online community with extended features, such as skin swapping. The beauty that lies within eSports is the fact that followers have not just played and loved games like DOTA or League of Legends, but also interacted with the online community in such a way that makes fans of these games invested in the online presence and community of the realm.

Online casinos have realised the market share that eSports captures and as such, online providers have started an integration process. New strategies from online casino providers include Virtual Reality casinos and adventure casinos, which are more adept for millennials seeking a holistic and immersive online entertainment experience.

The Potential Within ESports

The 2015 League of Legends world final was watched by over 4.3 million, unique viewers and catered for in up to eighteen languages. The gaming community itself is mammoth, the video game industry has countless fans, recording year on year growth, with more honed technology providing better experiences both on and offline.

Social media platforms like Youtube have opened doors for bloggers and video bloggers seeking to portray their skill and merit in games. Many consoles have even adopted share buttons that can now instantly record your game play for posting online.

Even with the eSports domain relatively new, it an estimated 600 million viewers will be tuned in to eSports by 2020. This massive audience alone, coupled with the new age demand for immersive entertainment could see eSports becoming even bigger than online casinos in the very near future.