The Growth Of Social Gaming

May 30, 2017 Off By Steve

Never has the phrase; we live in a digital era been closer to home than it is now. With the world in a stage where human evolution is hungry for prompt advances in technology and worldly approaches, our new world not only fosters the growth of technology but also demands it.

These technological advances coupled with the onslaught of speedy Internet connectivity, rolling out to new areas where the tool has not been able to penetrate before, has paved a way to a new enlightened world that is smaller and instantaneously accessed at the click of a button.

With an array of modern devices connecting to the Internet, people are interacting on social platforms in a whole new way. Social platforms have allowed people to keep up to date with the latest trends, stay up to date with news and check in on friends’ activities all from the comfort of a computer or modern mobile device.

It is precisely this kind of activity within the social realm that has inspired social gaming growth. People are interacting through social gaming, challenging friends to colleagues on social gaming platforms. Social gaming is exactly that, a social activity. With this in mind people are taking to social gaming platforms in order to interact with friends in a new and unusual way that is fun and exciting.

The Mobile Factor

Mobile devices own unique capabilities over and above conventional static URL machines such as laptops or computers. These devices have consumed the general public in Canada and around the world, with the majority of all online social gaming activity opted for from mobile devices.

New-age modern mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones are apart of the Smart wave. These devices are no longer used to just make and receive calls; they enhance daily life with Smart features that allow for more efficiency within daily tasks.

Loaded with touch and tilt features, mobile devices are completely interactive. The device provides its user with an immersive experience that is exciting and completely portable. This on the go type of social gaming has been adapted for a modern lifestyle where people are too busy to be glued to static positions.

The Social Crowd

The majority of Social Media platforms do not alienate a target market. In today’s modern world young and old flood the social realm. It should be noted that millennials, a demographic market share, which is directly proportionate to social gaming due to the fact that technology has been a standard since birth, are constantly immersed in the world of social media.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Pinterest and LinkedIn are industry giants that have devoted applications on modern mobile phones. People are making use of social media platforms for social interaction and social gaming. Interacting with a community of online friends spread across the world, all users accessing social media are directly drawn to social gaming for its unique interactive appeal and free price tag.

Popular Social Games

Research suggests that the majority of social games are exploding due to the fact that most social games are free and easy to access, simply because most social media users are spending their time hanging out on the various platforms.

Interestingly enough certain genres are seeing better growth rates over others, The most popular social gaming genres include casino games, virtual villages, sport role playing games, social role playing games and ownership games.

The Numbers

A case study intensely focused on the growth of social gaming found that the social gaming industry could be worth a whopping $17.4 billion by 2019. A case study in 2012 revealed the social gaming industry to be worth $5.4 billion in 2012.

In the same case study, experts predicted that the industry would grow at a rate of 16.1 % compounded interest, from 2013 to 2019.