Play Real-Time Mystery Bonus Multihand Poker Game

Play Real-Time Mystery Bonus Multihand Poker Game

October 15, 2019 Off By Steve

Mystery Bonus Multihand by Realtime Gaming is a variant of jacks or better five card draw poker. Instead of being played against other people, Mystery Bonus Multihand is actually played against the computer. If a player managed to get at least jacks or better, they will win the round against the computer. In a way, the player is actually playing against themselves as there is no other hand to compare their cards against other than the fact that they have to get jacks or better in order to win.

Mystery Bonus Multihand by Realtime gaming is set on a very simple back background with the name of the video poker game written at the top in a neon white script. To the right of the title, the player can see a pair of white cloves holding a black top hat with a bright light emanating from it. Below this, the player can see the words multi hand written in a blue neon script with the number of hands that the player is playing for that particular. Below this the betting amount. This can be adjusted by the player and allows the player to bet in several different denominations.

Mystery Bonus Multihand Play

In the middle of the screen is the various hands that the player has available to play on any given deal. Below that is the player’s initial hand. Once the player is dealt their cards, they choose which they would like to keep and which they would like to throw away. Once they have held the cards that they would like to keep, they make a draw for new cards. Once the new cards are drawn, the hand is compared against payouts provided by the game. Those same draw cards are also applied to the multiple hands that the player can in the middle of the screen.

At the bottom of the screen, the player is given additional information about their betting options as well as some general information. The player can see the credits they have as well as their total balance. They can also see their bet, total bet and payout. In addition, there is a yellow paytable button that can be pressed to see the different payouts as well as a red cashout button when the player is ready to stop playing. Then there are bet one, deal and bet max options. The deal button starts the game while the bet max button will start the game with the maximum bet applied. Bet one cycles through different betting options the player has.

Mystery Bonus

The standout for Mystery Bonus Multihand is the mystery bonus feature which almost plays like a slot. When the player hits the deal button, the mystery bonus real will start to spin. When the reel stops, the game can actually start.

The player can then choose to play for the mystery bonus on the payline, which is highlighted, or they can choose instead to play for the best poker hand that they can get.